In the beginning…

In the beginning, starting a blog seemed like an easy idea.  I am now sitting here writing these words, not really sure that anyone will read them because I have no clue if all the settings and mappings have been done correctly.  I am also sitting next to a page full of new passwords and usernames.  All accounts that it seems like I will need but not really knowing how to use any of them.  So let’s begin this journey.

I am a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and enjoys paper crafting, rubber stamping and crafts in general.  I started this as a way to share my ideas and offer creativity to others.  Maybe find a few more stamping buddies (you can never have too many).

3 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Cyndi says:

    I love your blog format. Can you tell me who, if anyone, helped you set this up? Also, what do you use (blogger, wordpress, etc) I ‘m very interested in starting a blog too and just really love the look of yours. Good luck and thanks for sharing!


    • I have set it up myself. Before I started I visited lots of blogs, especially stamping blogs to make notes on what I liked and didn’t like. Then I just started playing in WordPress. I also use These Are My Stamps to help with the links to my Stampin’ Up! Store. Everything is a learning process but WordPress makes it easy – anytime I don’t know how to do something I just go the their help section. They always have the steps listed to do it. I was so happy when I linked to a PDF the other day!


  2. Cyndi says:

    Thanks for sharing that information. You’ve done a great job. Yours is the best layout I think I’ve ever seen. You’ve given me the courage to try it myself. Wish me luck!


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