Has anyone else had this happen – I had a whole list of stamping projects I wanted to work on this weekend – only a few hours left and I haven’t done one of them.  Every time I have started to work on them it seems like a Squirrel runs across my craft desk.  (Not a real squirrel mind you – that is just the word that I use when something distracts me.  Others may call them ‘rabbit holes’ – but whatever you call them – we all have those little things that distract us from our intended projects.)

Saturday I was inspired by one of my crafting buddies to make my first shirt with my Cricut. I’ve had the Cricut for almost two years. I’ve had the supplies to make a shirt for over 6 months.  My friend, Jamie, has been making the cutest shirts lately and I decided it was time to jump off and try. See my results below. To give credit – both images come from Cricut Design Space and Jamie helped me by using her nifty new heat press. She also added the cool sparkly part of the wings. Can’t wait to wear it on Monday.
Next I was distracted by the letter I purchased from Micheals over the summer. When I saw it I knew I want to use the wood burner to replace all the printed lines. So after a short search for my wood burner I set out to remake it. After wood burning all the lines and edges, I colored it all in with my favorite pencils – Faber-Castell Watercolor pencils and used some spray sealer over the top. Now it’s hanging on the wall of my crafting space.
It’s like the squirrels have run away with my weekend. But it has been a fun weekend. In addition to my crafting projects, my honey and I went to see my schools production of “Night of the Living Dead” and it was awesome!
Still time to fit in a few stamping projects this evening. Hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and a great week.

Halloween Shirt – Images by Cricut – Inspired by my friend Jamie

Woodburing/Coloring Project – Letter from Micheals

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