Birthday Card Buffet

What Cards to you always need? Birthday Cards!! February 25th from 9 till 3 I am having a Birthday Card Buffet.
What is a Card Buffet? It is where you get to pick what cards you make and how many of them. Just like a Buffet! Make a few or make dozens – it’s up to you! Cost is $2.00 per card and includes the envelope.
This Buffet has 6 different card designs. Card Names are with the pictures below.
Two of card designs can be done in the color of your choice – The Gate Fold Card and the Happy Happy Card. If you want to make those cards I will not prep anything for you until you come and pick the colors.
Interested in coming? Message me or text me with the type(s) and number(s) of cards you want to make. I’ll see you on Saturday.


Lift Me Up Card


Dragonfly Card


Bumble Bee Card


Happy Happy Card


Gate Fold Card


Flip Flop Card Outside


Flip Flop Card Inside Flap


Flip Flop Card Inside

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